Yes, there is always a phone number for resolving your outlook queries. Dial 1 (800) 642-7676 and connect with highly qualified and experienced professionals for Microsoft Outlook support. While working on Outlook, users may have many things to discuss such as adding a signature to your messages or adding an email account to Outlook. For that, they need proper guidance for smooth business operations. To get no confusion while dialing Outlook support phone number, consider the following numbers as per its location:

  • For American users: 1 (800) 642-7676
  • For Canadian users: 1 (877) 568-2495
  • For Australian users:  13 20 58 
  • For Indian Users: 1800 102 1100

How do I contact Microsoft outlook support?

There are various methods to contact Microsoft Outlook support. Either drafting an email or dialing support phone number, users can choose the best and most appropriate method to contact Outlook support as per their convenience. For fruitful Microsoft support, refer the below options to rectify your Outlook problems:

  1. Contact Microsoft Outlook support by calling.
  2. Contact Microsoft Outlook support by chat.
  3. Contact Microsoft Outlook support by email.

How do I call Outlook support?

If you require to contact Outlook support, you need to dial 1 (800) 642-7676. You can contact this phone number at any time as these Microsoft customer services are available 24×7. At first attempt, press 3 to talk to a live agent, then press 6 and again press 6 at the third attempt. 

For other alternatives, refer the following possibilities:

  • Press 1 to asking any questions regarding the purchase of any product from Microsoft.
  • Press 2 to know the order status, shipping or other queries.
  • Press 3 to receive Microsoft Outlook support. 

How do I contact outlook support by chat?

Another way to contact outlook support is by talking to a Microsoft representative online. When you have time and want an instant solution, select live chat option and receive the effective Microsoft Outlook support. 

  1. Visit the online chat portal of Microsoft support. Click the “Get Started” button and start a chat with Microsoft professional. Make sure to enable pop-ups for better use of chat options.
  2. Explain your Outlook queries. While talking to a virtual assistant, you should be clear about the issue and describe the circumstances appropriately
  3. Start your chat by directly asking for a live representative. For effective Microsoft support, simply ask to connect with a live Microsoft virtual assistant

How do I contact outlook customer service by email?

If you are not comfortable discussing your technical issues over the phone, then contact outlook customer service by email. Explain your Outlook glitches in an email and get a detailed solution from smart engineers. 

  1. Draft an email to and explain your Outlook issues. Make sure you have included only relevant information regarding your queries. Check the email id before sending it so that you will not face other problems.
  2. Ensure to include information related to product key number and product warranty. For the exact solution to your Microsoft outlook problems, you need to include proper information about your product. 
  3. Highlight your contact information. It is quite important to include your correct contact information while drafting an email. This will help Microsoft Support technician to contact you and discuss the issue more clearly (if needed).